Post to Instagram Using Your Computer (2020)

If you clicked on this article, you likely are interested in uploading a photo that's on your laptop or desktop onto your Instagram account. You probably logged into your Instagram, excited and ready to post, and looked around for the upload button. And you looked, and you looked, and you looked...

We'll walk through a simple method Instagram users can use to upload images from their computers.

How Do I Upload My Photo On Instagram From My Computer?

Uploading a photo to your Instagram seems like an easy task. And it is... for its mobile app users.

We get it, this is the smartphone age. Nowadays, most people use their phones to take all of their pictures anyway. But have computers really become so obsolete that no one uses social media on their laptops anymore? (The answer is no)

So let's get to the point: Instagram doesn't let users post from their computer browsers.

This is not a new issue; Instagram has limited many of its features to mobile users for years. A few months ago, they made Instagram direct messaging available to desktop users. This might be a sign that posting to Instagram is so

There are several workarounds that desktop users can employ, such as working with your browser's developer tools and installing a variety of programs. After exploring the options a bit, we narrowed down our preferred solution to a program called Windowed.

We'll walk you through a simple tutorial on how to use Windowed to post to Instagram as of September 2020.

Using Windowed

What is Windowed?

Windowed is a special browser that acts like a phone browser. Even though you're using your computer, it "tricks" Instagram into thinking that you're using your phone. Instagram actually does let users post from their phone web browsers, so this is a simple workaround brainstormed by the Windowed development team.

If that was all a bit confusing for you, all you really need to know is that Windowed is:

  • Free
  • Safe - As Windowed states, "All of your interactions including login are done directly with Instagram, Windowed is simply a tool that lets you access the Instagram mobile website. We don't have access to your account so you don't have to worry about giving a 3rd party your account information."
  • Stable - It claims to have 20000 users, so you shouldn't have to worry about it crashing your computer or anything.
  • Easy to Use - As mentioned above, it looks just like Instagram on a phone browser so there are no new interfaces to stress about.

Another interesting point is that the program developer describes himself as "a photographer and computer engineering student who was frustrated that there was no easy way to upload photos to Instagram directly from my computer" and wanted to improve his workflow; so Windowed is actually a solution to someone's own personal experience with this problem.

We've already explained all the reasons why we liked Windowed, but there are two cons to discuss that may also help you decide if Windowed is for you:

  1. You cannot post multiple images at once. While this might seem kind of limiting, there is an alternative program called Lately Social that does allow you to post do this. Feel free to check it out; we found Windowed to be a simpler solution, but Lately Social has several great features that might be worth looking into.
  2. While setting up Windowed, we experienced a common issue that occurs during installation. But you shouldn't need to worry about this, as we explain the solution in the steps below.

The Steps to Setting Up Windowed

Due to the error that some users experience when setting up Windowed, we've broken down the step-by-step into two portions:

  1. The Steps to Setting Up Windowed (this section)
  2. The Steps to Using Windowed to Post to Instagram

If you've already set up Windowed or just want a glimpse into how it actually, you can skip to the next section.

1) Start by heading over to If you're a Mac user, click 'Mac OS' and if you're a Windows user, click 'Windows'. This should start the Windowed download.

Start the Windowed download

2) Windowed should download fairly quickly. Once the download is completed, open the downloaded file (it is a .dmg file for Mac users and a .exe file for Windows users).

For Mac users, a window will pop up prompting you to drag Windowed into your Applications folder; proceed to do so. Go into your Applications folder and open the Windowed application.

You can find Windowed in your Applications folder

3) Upon trying to start Windowed for the first time, you may encounter an error that looks something like this:

An error Mac users might see

or this:

An error Windows users might see

If you are a Mac user, we'll proceed to explain the steps you can take to get rid of this error in Step 4 below.

If you are a Windows user, you can follow these steps here to get rid of this error.

Once you have Windowed running, you can skip to the next section for details on making your first post.

4) Start by searching through your applications folder for System Preferences.

Open your System Preferences

5) Open your System Preferences and click 'Security and Privacy'.

Go into Security & Privacy

6) Towards the bottom of the window, you should see a message stating "Windowed" was blocked from use because it is not from an identified developer. Next to the message, there is a white button labeled 'Open Anyway'. Click this button.

Click 'Open Anyway'

7) Another warning will pop up asking to confirm that you want to open Windowed. Click 'Open'.

Windowed should now automatically launch and be ready for use.

The Steps to Using Windowed to Post to Instagram

1) Launch Windowed (if you've not done so already) and allow for the Instagram login screen to load up.

2) Proceed to click 'Log In'. Enter your Instagram login credentials and again click the blue 'Log In' button.

Click 'Log In'

3) Wait for Windowed to log you in. If you experience any issues at this point, try restarting the app.

4) Once you're logged in, you will see your feed. At the bottom of the window, there five navigation buttons. Click the middle button to create a post, which is a square with a plus sign in the middle.

Select the middle button

5) Windowed will allow you to select an image for upload. Search your computer for the photo you would like to post; if the image is not clickable, try converting the image to a .jpg file. You can do this by opening the picture, clicking 'Save As', and saving it as a JPG file.

Once you've chosen an image, click 'Open' to start the upload.

Upload your photo

6) Upon uploading the image, you can edit or filter it however you would like. Once you're done with this, click the light blue 'Next' text at the top right corner.

Edit your photo

7) You can add a caption, location, or tag others. Once you're finished, click the light blue 'Share' text at the top right corner.

Share your post

Your image should now be successfully uploaded! You will see a success message in a black rectangle at the bottom stating "Your photo was posted" to confirm this.

Look out for this message

Is This All Windowed Can Do?

A feature of Windowed that we did not discuss is that it can also be used to manage up to five Instagram accounts, which is great for avid social media users and people who use Instagram for business.

Windowed lets you add multiple accounts

How Did We Feel About Windowed?

If you read this article and felt like Instagram should just add an upload feature on your computer's web browser, we agree. But for now, it's a great, free option that can relieve headaches and stress for some users.

We'd love to see them accommodate for users who want to post multiple images in one go, but this would have to come from Instagram's end as Windowed is simply running Instagram.

It looks like Instagram is slowly moving towards facilitating for computer users, so we'll keep your eye out for any new features that could help users even further.